Three Ways To Minimize The Exterior Of Your Home

Minimalism does not just have to apply to your closet and furniture. If you own a home, you may be interested in minimizing the work that goes into your house. This can include your yard as well. If you are interested in lowering the amount of yard work that you have to do, you should look for ways to decrease the work while keeping the yard neat and orderly. Here are a few ways to minimize your yard, yet still have a presentable home with plenty of curb appeal. 

Replace fencing with aluminum fence

Aluminum fencing with space in between the bars is a fencing structure that promotes a minimalist look. Aluminium fences are hard to destroy and do not have the same amount of upkeep as wood fences. Aluminum can hold up in inclement weather, so whether you get lots of rain, hail, or a lot of sunshine, the fencing will remain intact. The only maintenance for fences that you may need is to touch up the paint every once in a while with a spray paint. A matte fence, rather than a shiny fence will be easier to keep up. 

Add fence lighting

If you want to have a piece that draws the eye in your yard that requires no upkeep, you should install lighting on the fence. This is a practical solution that offers both lighting for the outside of your home and will catch the eye in a way that does not require upkeep. You can wrap string lighting around the fence or you can add light posts to the top of the stakes for the fence. Add a lighting feature that can be turned on remotely or from the interior of the home so that you can have control over when the lights are on or off. 

Stick with drought-proof plants

Aside from grass, you want to cut down on the time that it takes to prune any sort of garden flowers and shrubs. Using drought-proof plants means that you can water your garden as little as once a week and your plants will be fine, even in the summer months. You will also not have to worry about preparing any sort of covering or shade for shrubs that are created for outside water. Watering your grass and shrubbery only once per week will give you more time to spend inside of your home instead of outside caring for the exterior needs. 

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