Own An Iron Fence? Know How To Take Care Of It Prior To Winter

Your home's wrought iron fencing may seem very durable, but there is a chance that it can be damaged from the exposure to different weather conditions. Winter weather can be particularly bad for an iron fence, since the cold weather can cause iron to deteriorate. You'll need to do the following things before the winter to ensure the fence stays in good condition.

Clean The Iron

Set aside an afternoon to clean off your iron fencing before the cold winter weather comes. While cleaning is something that should be done often, make sure you to it prior to winter starting. This is due to how rust can form in places where dirt is stuck to the material. The dirt essential holds moisture there all winter long and causes the metal to eventually rust.

Remove Rust

Is there rust that has formed from previous winters? Now is the time to remove the rust from the fencing material. Rust can spread if left alone due to there being even more moisture caused by snow. Thankfully, you are able to remove rust with specialty sandpaper a heavy duty wire brush that will not deteriorate from rubbing the rust away.

As a homeowner, you can easily remove rust during the initial formation stages, but major rust damage can be quite difficult to remove on your own. Rust has the ability to penetrate the metal, which then means it has caused the material to be structurally unstable. It could result in needing to replace individual sections of metal bars if the damage is particularly bad.

Paint The Iron

Have you sanded and cleaned your fence? Now you are finally ready to paint your fencing material. Paint is a protective layer that will prevent rust formation, especially in the areas where you recently removed rust. The process will involve putting on a layer or primer designed specifically for use on iron fencing, as well as a coat of paint that's rust resistant.

Thankfully, the painting process only involves one coat of primer and paint to give it protection from rust. You will allow the primer, give it enough time to dry, and then put on a single coat of rust resistant paint. You could apply a second coat if you want the color to be darker, but it is not necessary for rust protection.

Seem too difficult to do on your own? Contact a fencing contractor to do it all for you.