3 Reasons Why You Need to Trench a Fence

Most DIY homeowners assume that digging post holes for a fence is adequate. It is, if you want to reinstall sections of your fence over and over again. Instead, have some professionals "trench" your fence prior to installation. Here are three reasons why you need to trench your fence.


It does not matter if you are installing a concrete block, wood post, or masonry fence, fence trenching puts a lot of the fence below ground level. This makes the fence above ground much more stable. Tornadoes and hurricanes have a hard time trying to take the fence away, and earthquakes cannot shake it either. Even if you are using vinyl panels over the tops of wooden posts, the posts that are buried halfway underground prevent the vinyl fence from even shaking in a strong wind. It is a very solid foundation for your fence.


Nothing can take down a trenched fence. If your neighbor gets tipsy and tries to turn into their driveway and accidentally hits your fence, more damage will be done to his/her vehicle than to your fence. That is because most trenched fences start about four to six feet below ground, and everything above ground is secured to the section below. Your drunken neighbor would have to really hit the fence at about seventy miles an hour just to get the above-ground part of the fence to budge.

Ultimate Protection

Most people want a fence for privacy, but fences can also provide protection. A trenched fence prevents floods from consuming your property. The water cannot sink low enough into the ground to surface in your basement. The water also cannot overcome the fence and push it over to consume your home and land. If your trenched fence completely surrounds your property, you have the ultimate protection against intruders and floods.

Fence trenching services are available to help you regardless of the size of your new project. You can get free estimates for just the trenching work, or hire the contractors for trenching and fence installation. Some fence trenching contractors also offer financing, if you think you cannot afford trenching and fencing all at once. The benefits of a trenched fence adds to the value of your home and property too, which could easily bring you almost the whole amount of cash invested in trenching your fence in the first place at the time of sale.