6 Tips for Selecting a Fence to Protect & Secure Your Dog

Your dog is probably a valued member of the family. As such, you want to keep the dog safe. Part of doing that is ensuring that the fence that surrounds your home is capable of keeping the dog in and preventing others from entering without permission. To help you choose and install the right fence, here are a few suggestions.

Pay attention to the pickets. Your dog's size should determine how much spacing is needed between the pickets. For instance, if you have a large dog, a wider picket style will likely be close enough to keep it contained and also provide the security needed.

Consider your dog's temperament. If your dog is aggressive, you need to focus on fences made of highly durable materials to help stop it from getting out of your yard. If your dog becomes irritated by the sight of other dogs or people passing your home, a fence that prevents the dog from seeing out would be a good choice.

Buy a taller fence, if necessary. Some dogs climb and hop over fences. If you have a larger dog that can scale an average size fence, you likely need to opt for a taller fence. Avoid a chain link fence though. It is one of the easier types of fence for a dog to climb over.

Choose a child-safe gate. Whether you realize it, your dog is smart. Without a solid lock on the gate, your dog might be able to open it and escape. A good way to make sure the gate is accessible to everyone at your home and secure enough to keep the dog contained is to get a gate with a child safe lock.

Determine the area to be fenced. Depending on your needs, the entire yard might not need to be fenced. For instance, if you want to designate only a portion of your yard for the dog, you only need to fence that area.

Factor in the maintenance. Even though your dog's safety should be your first concern, you also have to consider how much work it will take to keep a fence in good condition. Some fences require more attention than others. For instance, a wooden fence needs more attention than a vinyl fence.

Work with your fencing contractor to choose and install the right fence for your dog. Let services like Askatu Construction know all of the challenges that your dog can cause to ensure the fence is able to withstand them.