Three Common Styles Of Fencing You May Want To Consider

If you are in the process of deciding on the type of fence that you want to be installed, there are many different options that you will be able to choose, and you should be sure to review the strengths and weaknesses of all of your options so that you can choose the fence that will be best suited to your property's requirements. Generally, there are three commonly used fencing options for residential properties that you will want to learn about.


Picket fences are among the more commonly selected types of fencing for properties that have relatively small yards. These fences are available in a range of aesthetic options. This will include being able to choose from a wide array of different materials, such as wood or metal, as well as colors. The maintenance needs of picket fences will vary depending on the material that is used. For example, wood picket fences will have moderate maintenance needs due to the need to keep the wood clean and sealed. In contrast, picket fences that are made from metal or vinyl will have much lower maintenance requirements as they will not be as prone to weathering.


Installing a brick fence around the perimeter of your property or to create an enclosure can be one of the most durable options that you can choose. The brick and mortar that will be used in these fences will be able to last for many years before they will need major restoration work. While this type of fence will provide cosmetic benefits to your property's appearance, it can also be an extremely practical option as these fences will be extremely strong, and they can be built as tall as is needed. Unfortunately, this type of fence may be too expensive for those that have large areas to enclose. In these situations, it may be a better option to use this style of fence in the areas that will have the most impact on the appearance of your home or driveway.

Chain Link

For those that are not concerned about the appearance of their fence, chain link can be one of the more affordable and secure styles of fencing offered by a fence company. While chainlink is extremely affordable, it can also be fairly durable. For example, you can opt to install a vinyl coated chain link fence that will be much more resistant to corrosion, and it may be less likely to scrape individuals that touch it.