Cedar Vs. Fiberglass Fences

If you want to install a fence on your property, you actually have a lot of options to choose from. That is, a cedar wood picket fence is no longer the most obvious choice. In fact, if you look around your neighborhood, you will probably notice that a lot of the new fences are being built out of synthetic materials like fiberglass. This article explains why fiberglass might be a good alternative to a real cedar.

Water Resistance

The biggest difference between fiberglass and cedar (or any wood for that matter) is water resistant. Fiberglass is obviously waterproof, but cedar can be affected by water. Wood can swell and warp when it gets wet, compromising the structural integrity of your fence. Nothing will happen to fiberglass when it gets wet.

This also means that it is very easy to clean fiberglass. Of course, an exterior fence is going to get wet on a near daily basis, but you still want to keep moisture off of it as well as possible.This makes cleaning and conditioning wooden fences a little more difficult. You need to use expensive wood cleaners to remove stains and blemishes. Fiberglass can't be blasted with the hose and scrubbed down using heavy duty liquid cleaners. Simply put, fiberglass is going to be much easier to maintain than wood.

Which Looks Better?

Obviously, the big difference that most homeowners worry about is the look of these two materials. Most people will agree that wood is the more stylish of the two options. Homeowners tend to love natural products, and wood is used for all sorts of exterior construction. If you have wood trim around your home, a wood fence painted the same color is going to look great.

Also, wood is definitely the better choice if you want the colors and textures of raw wood. If you want a natural brown fence, it is definitely going look better than a colored fiberglass product. However, if you are just going to install a plain, white fence, fiberglass could definitely be comparable to the style of wood. In fact, the white will remain truer and brighter on fiberglass. You won't need to repaint it like you will if you have a white wooden fence.

Both materials can be used for sturdy and stylish residential fences. In the end, the difference in the maintenance is the most significant issue to consider. Contact a company like York Fence Co for more information and assistance.