Invisible Fence Systems: Everything You Need To Know

An invisible fence has a lot of benefits, one of those benefits is that you have a fence to contain your dog in your yard without the expense of a traditional fence. An invisible fence also does not block your view of your yard. An invisible fencing system is a great way to keep your dog in your yard no matter how big or small your dog is. Read on for further information about invisible fencing systems.

Easy To Install

An invisible fencing system is fairly simple to install. Some require wires to be buried, while others do not have a wire at all. You can install either one yourself. They both use a transmitter that you can control and adjust as needed. An invisible fence that has wires allows you to create very specific spaces that your dog can be allowed in. Each type of invisible fence system comes with flags that you mark your yard with to help train your dog where he is allowed to go and where he isn't.

Use The Flags To Train Your Dog

Even though it's an invisible fence that your dog cannot see, the flags you use to mark your yard is how you train your dog. Take your dog on a leash around to each of the flags. When he tries to go past the flags, you simply tug on the leash and tell him "no" in a stern voice. Continue to do this for at least a week or two, then put the collar for the wireless fence on your dog. The collar will alert your dog when he gets too close to the flags or attempts to go past them. You can set the system to a specific shock level if he gets too close to the line. Keep the flags in place for at least a month, then remove the flags.

Keep in mind that the invisible fence may keep your dog contained but will still allow other animals into your yard. Your dog may also get out of the invisible fence if there is something he wants bad enough such as a rabbit or other type of animal. Your dog will get shocked, but it will not continue to shock him. 

Invisible dog fences are a great way to keep your dog in your yard without the bulky look of a traditional fence. If you have a dog that likes to roam away from your yard, look into getting an invisible fence today. For more information, check out a website like