Ornamental Iron Fencing: Is It Right For Your Home?

Putting a fence around your property is a wise idea, but not all fences are created the same. You have many options when it comes to selecting a fence, from a basic wood or classic chain-link fence to something more alluring, like ornamental iron fencing.

Is ornamental iron fencing right for your home? Use this guide to help you out. Your fencing contractor will help you choose the best solution for your fencing needs based on many things, including your budget, what type of fences are allowed in your neighborhood, and other factors.

How much fencing do you need?

Ornamental iron fencing can be best alluring when it's applied in longer lengths on your property, so if you only have a small area of your front yard to put a fence around, you might want to consider using an ornate iron fencing gate with a classic picket fence instead of doing an ornamental iron fencing project. However, if you have a smaller yard and still want this type of fence, you can get a shorter or more basic ornamental iron fence instead of a more ornate one to give you the curb appeal you want without being overwhelming.

How large is your budget?

If you have a larger budget, then ornamental iron fencing can work well for you. The average price for this type of fencing is $27 to $34 per linear foot to install. This is slightly more than a classic wrought-iron fence, so keep this in mind when you choose the materials for your next fencing project. This cost doesn't include everything, so there may be labor and material costs in addition to this basic price.

How wide are your options?

Are you part of a homeowners association that will have limitations on the type of fencing you can put around your home? Do other people in your neighborhood have ornamental iron fencing around their homes? If you have as many options as you want to put in a fence around your property and you're drawn to ornamental iron fencing, then ask your fencing contractor to show you various designs you can look at based on your budget. You can look at custom ornamental iron gates as well.

In the end, it all comes down to the best type of fence for your needs. If ornamental iron fencing will meet all your needs, then look at a variety of styles so you choose the best ornamental iron fencing for your home.

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