Cedar Vs. Fiberglass Fences

If you want to install a fence on your property, you actually have a lot of options to choose from. That is, a cedar wood picket fence is no longer the most obvious choice. In fact, if you look around your neighborhood, you will probably notice that a lot of the new fences are being built out of synthetic materials like fiberglass. This article explains why fiberglass might be a good alternative to a real cedar. [Read More]

Tips For Designing A Maintenance-Free Deck

The perfect deck can make it easier to enjoy your yard, whether it's to sip coffee in the morning or for full-on entertaining. Part of designing the perfect deck is to pick a design and materials that won't need a lot of maintenance. The following are a few ideas that will help with that: Tip #1: Skip the wood Few things look more welcoming than a wooden deck, but they require a lot of maintenance to remain nice. [Read More]

Three Common Styles Of Fencing You May Want To Consider

If you are in the process of deciding on the type of fence that you want to be installed, there are many different options that you will be able to choose, and you should be sure to review the strengths and weaknesses of all of your options so that you can choose the fence that will be best suited to your property's requirements. Generally, there are three commonly used fencing options for residential properties that you will want to learn about. [Read More]

3 Solutions For The Most Attractive And Durable Wood Deck Designs

If you want to have a custom wood deck for your home, you want it to be as durable as possible. If you want to have a more attractive design, you may be considering materials as an alternative to conventional treated pine lumber. There are alternative materials that you may want to consider, such as tropical and composite lumber. Here are some solutions that will give you the most attractive and durable custom wood deck: [Read More]